Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Statement of Purpose for TESOL Master's degree Essay

Statement of Purpose for TESOL Master's degree - Essay Example These are the primary reasons for my selection of this noble and important field. Certainly, I have a great vision for the future. I envision the world where all students would be able to communicate effectively in a standard language. Therefore, my ultimate goal is to become an efficient and effective teacher primarily for students learning English as a second language. I was lucky to have been born in U.S and therefore, my language foundation is good. However, I have experienced the challenges of second language learners when I went back to my native country. The teachers could not teach effectively since they had problems in pronunciation due to poor background in English. I have invested a lot in my education and my graduate qualifications can attest to that. I still wish to continue investing in myself until I become nurtured enough to impart the knowledge to others. I am deeply motivated and encouraged to achieve my objectives of making English easy and interesting to learn for second language learners. Although there are many challenges along the way, I have not relented on pursuing my dreams. I have worked in a bank as a banker. Actually, I got a promotion to a well-paying position within the bank but declined the offer and came back to U.S to realize my objectives. Education is not primarily about money but an inner and strong drive to make life simpler and easier for the society. Therefore, I am not driven by money but by a strong passion. I believe that the gratification that comes with assisting students in learning cannot be quantified with anything. My parents have been a great motivation and have accorded me all the support I need. They are still willing to support me to the end since they believe in me and believe that I have what it takes to realize my noble dream. Needless to say, my professional aspirations are indeed great. Therefore, I need a good university that will equal my passion

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